This day trip starts in O Barqueiro Harbor and explores the coast between Bares Lighthouse and the Ortegal Lighthouse. I would recommend having lunch at the Chiringuito San Xiao, here:

 A)Head out of O Barqueiro harbor and head toward Bares, following the signs that say “Estaca de Bares”. You will arrive at the Bares lighthouse, the northernmost point in Spain! Park in the small parking area just before the lighthouse, walk past the lighthouse(leaving the lighthouse to your right), and walk as far as you dare to go! 

B) Get back in the car and head towards O Barqueiro on the AC100. Drive through the Vila de Bares and after about 1 kilometer, at the top of the hill you will see an esplanade on your right. Make a right onto the paved road just there and take it all the way to the MIRADOR GARITA DE BARES (lookout point).

C ) Get back in the car and drive back to the AC100 to O Barqueiro. Upon arriving in O Barqueiro you will see a Banco Pastor (bank) on your right and a sign (on your right) indicating PLAYA DE ESTEIRO (a beach). From the Banco Pastor to Playa de Esteiro there are about 3 kilometers. Esteiro Beach is a wild, beautiful beach that faces the open sea.

D ) If you feel like walking a bit, park the car in car park that is to the left of the building just as you arrive at ESTEIRO BEACH. To the left of the car park you will see a boardwalk. Take it until you reach a wooden bridge that crosses over the Esteiro river, and then keep walking until you reach a paved road. Take a left on that road and keep walking uphill (about 1 kilometer, and don’t worry, there are very few cars on this road) until you reach a fork in the road. Take the road on the right which takes you through the village of Picon and then keep walking (about 100 meters more) until you reach the PLAYA DE PICON (a beach). From PICON BEACH you can walk back to ESTEIRO BEACH via a different route. Walk back to Picon village and towards the middle of the village on your left you will see the remains of a windmill. Walk to it and from there you will see a path that runs parallel to the cliffs. Take this path all the way back to Esteiro beach. The round trip time for this route is more or less 2 hours.

E) If you wish to extend the aforementioned route, once you arrive at Picon Beach, keep walking past Picon Beach on a dirt path that runs parallel to the cliffs. You will pass a small makeshift bar that serves cold drinks, beer, wine and snacks, and if you’re lucky you might even get a free tapa of Percebes to go with your drink! Walk past the bar and after more or less 200 meters you will reach a bench on the edge of a cliff with an inscription on the back that says, “the best bank of the world”…obviously not translated correctly from Spanish to English…it should read, “the best BENCH in the world”! From here keep walking  on the coastal trail until you reach a dirt road wide enough for cars. Bear right and keep walking until you reach a sign that says Praia de Fabega. Make a right here and walk to the end of the railing to get a magnificent view of the coast. Walk back on to the dirt road, bear right and keep walking (about 500 meters) until to you reach a sign that says PENA FURDA. Turn right onto the small trail and walk to the very end to get a view of the Pena Furada, a massive crag in the sea with one hole on either side.

F) If you prefer to do the aforementioned route by car, in O Barqueiro make a right on to the AC862 road in direction ORTIGUEIRA-FERROL-CORUÑA and keep driving until you reach Loiba (5 kilometers), the next village after O Barqueiro (be careful, don’t speed, as there is often a camouflaged police car with a radar hiding out here!). Make a right just at the corner of a restaurant called El Galeon, where you will also see a sign indicating PICON-LOUREIRO. Drive about 500 meters and turn right at the next sign which indicates PICON. You will drive past a church and cemetery on your right and keep driving another 300 meters or so until you see a sign on your left that says FURNAS. Here you can either turn left and go directly to the Cliffs of Loiba, or you can keep driving straight ahead, first visit Picon Beach and then continue on to the Cliffs of Loiba.

G) After visiting the Cliffs of Loiba return to the AC862 road and turn right in direction ORTIGUEIRA -FERROL, until you reach ESPASANTE (about 5 kilometers), the next village. Take a right at the sign on your right that indicates PORTO DE ESPASANTE. Once in the village bear right when you get to a fork in the road and keep heading in direction PORTO DE ESPASANTE.  Before you reach PORTO DE ESPASANTE, on the right hand side you will see a chapel called CAPELA DE SAN ANTON. There on the right you will see a sign indicating MIRADOR GARITA DE VELA. Make a right there and drive to the lookout point from where you will have a lovely view of the Cape of Ortegal.

H ) Go back to the AC862 in direction ORTIGUEIRA-FERROL-CORUÑA. At the entrance to ORTIGUEIRA  make a right and head towards PLAYA DE MOUROZOS. This road boarders the ORTEGAL PENISULA from where you will see the estuary and the wetlands.

I) Go back to the AC862 and drive in direction FERROL. In PONTE MERA stay to your right and drive on to the AC1051 in direction CARIÑO. Once you arrive in CARIÑO head towards the harbor, PUERTO DE CARIÑO. Before you reach the harbor, on your left you will see a small town square with a sign indicating CABO ORTEGAL. Go in that direction all the way to the CABO ORTEGAL (cape of Ortegal) and O AGUILLONS.

J ) From the CABO ORTEGAL drive back to CARIÑO, and once in CARIÑO drive in direction FERROL. Leaving CARIÑO you will see an ORTEGAL OIL gas station, and next to it a sign that indicates SAN ANDRES DE TEIXIDO. Take that road for about 10 kilometers until you reach a fork in the road. Bear left(the road isn’t in great condition but it’s all right).  This road will take you to the MIRADOR DE A MIRANDA, a lookout. From this lookout you can practically see the whole ORTEGAL COAST. Drive back on the road you came from and then head in direction SAN ANDRES DE TEIXIDO. On your way stop at the GARITA DE HERBEIRA, the tallest cliff in Western Europe. Keep driving until you get to SAN ANDRES DE TEIXIDO. If you like PERCEBES (a Galician seafood specialty), we recommend going to the TAVERNA HNOS. BOUZA (half a kilo costs between 15 and 17 euros!! But bear in mind that all they serve here are PERCEBES, RAXO and EMPANADA, a type of Galician pie). From here continue on to CEDEIRA, where we recommend visiting the privileged location of the CANDIERIA (or CANDELARIA) LIGHTHOUSE. From CEDEIRA , take the AC566 which will take you to CAMPO DE HOSPITAL which then links back to the AC862, which will take you back to O Barqueiro.