This is another great day trip where you combine driving and walking. I recommend taking a picnic lunch and having it at one of the many beautiful spots on this route.


  1. Starting point: O BARQUEIRO. Leave O Barqueiro and when you get to the main road, turn right at the junction, onto the AC862 in direction ORTIGUEIRA FERROL CORUÑA. About one kilometer ahead you will see a restaurant on the left hand side called O BOLICHE. Turn left at the restaurant onto the C4401 in direction RIBEIRAS DO SOR – AS PONTES .
  2. B) Once on the C4401 take the first right hand turn where you see a sign that says, PARQUE EOLICO DA CORSICADA. You will drive on an asphalt road which then turns in to a dirt road (it is not in good condition…). You will arrive at EOLICO NÚMERO 1 (WINDMILL NUMBER 1) where you will see a wooden platform about 25 meters behind it(do not climb onto it as the wood is completely rotten… ). From here you have a beautiful view of the O BARQUEIRO ESTUARY and the mouth of the SOR RIVER.

C ) Retrace your steps and head back on to the C4401 in direction RIBEIRAS DO SOR. In RIBEIRAS DO SOR turn left at the church in direction REFUXIO DE ULLO y PONTE COLGANTE. Cross the bridge at the REXUXIO DE ULLO and drive on the paved road that runs parallel to the SOR River until you get the PUENTE COLGANTE (suspension bridge). Park the car, walk across the suspension bridge, and head left at the other side. Walk along the trail that runs parallel to the Sor River for about 100 meters until you arrive at a stone shelter and BBQ area.

D ) Go back to the car and keep driving until you reach PONTE DO PORTO (bridge). Cross it and keep driving uphill until you arrive at the C4401. Turn left in direction AS PONTES or AS PONTES DE GARCIA RODRIGUEZ (both the same thing). On the right hand side you will see an old school renovated in the “indian” style with a futsal field behind it. Use it for later reference because about 15-20 meters ahead, on the left hand side, you will see a sign that says AUGAS CAIDAS.

  1. E) Head towards AUGAS CAIDAS (always downhill), and after more or less 1 kilometer turn left at the Mirador do Couce sign. You will reach reach a stone refuge from which you can get a great view of the AUGAS CAIDAS waterfall (be careful not to slip!). In the summer there is water…not much, but some!. If you wish you can go down the trail that starts out right next to the parking lot, which takes you down to the river, where you can get a better view of the waterfall. (WARNING: if it is raining do NOT go down as it is very dangerous!) When you get to the bottom you will see the waterfall and you can follow the trail to the right, parallel to the river. After more or less ten minutes you will reach a bridge. Cross it and you will arrive at a refuge that used to be used as water mill. To go back to the car retrace your steps and go back up the trail from which you came.
  2. F) From AUGAS CAIDAS go back the way you came until you reach the C4401 again and turn left in direction AS PONTES. The next place to visit will be the AREA RECREATIVA PONTE SEGADE. On the left you will see a sign that indicates a recreational area. Take that turn and head towards PONTE SEGADE. Stay on the paved road until you reach the recreational area.
  3. G) In PONTE SEGADE, where the swings are, there is a hiking trail that takes you to the REFUGIO DE SALUSTIO, another stone refuge (it takes more or less one hour but if you stop to take photos along the way it is more like an hour and a half). If you prefer to drive there, you must cross the bridge over the Sor River and drive uphill. At give or take one kilometer turn left and then continue downhill on a dirt road about 800 hundred meters, then make another left, drive another 100 meters and cross the concrete bridge to the REFUGIO DE SALUSTIO. Go back over the bridge and take the first left. You will be on a dirt road so please drive carefully! You will reach the REFUGIO DE CUBELAS after about 800 meters.

H ) From PONTE SEGADE there is alternative route. Instead of driving over the bridge to go to the Salustio refuge, another option would be to continue straight ahead along a road that runs parallel to the river, to the REFUXIO DE CASCON where there is a small house where you can eat your own snacks and from which two hiking trails depart, one that goes towards PONTE SEGADE and the other towards RIBEIRA DO BISPO (later we will explain how to get there by car). After visiting the REFUXIO DE CASCON go back up where you came from and turn left at the top to get back on to the C4401 in direction AS PONTES. When you reach the restaurant CASA URBANO (the only one in the area for many kilometers…great food and very inexpensive!), make a left and drive to GRAÑAS DO SOR (5 km). When you reach GRAÑAS DO SOR, drive left towards the church and follow that road all the way to the end (about 4km), until you reach RIBEIRA DO BISPO. Park the car and take the trail on the left all the way to the REFUXIO DO BISPO (it’s about a 10 minute walk).  From the REFUXIO DO BISPO you can take a trail that goes to the REFUXIO DE CASCON, from where you just came(more or less 2 hours).

  1. I) Once you have seen everything go back to the C-4401 in direction O BARQUEIRO.