This is one of my favorite activities in the area as it can be enjoyed by anyone, big or small, young or old! Do it alone, in a group, with friends, or strangers. Actividades Estaca offer kayak rentals for an hour, a few hours, the day, full moon evenings down the Rio Sor…Ask them and they will accommodate your needs depending on your skill level, age, and interest. You can travel up or down the River Sor, depending on wether the tide is going in or out, or you can also simply spend the morning, afternoon, or day kayaking around the Sor Estuary, stopping at the many gorgeous beaches or having a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants after a few hours of kayaking. It is really fun and great exercise!

Actividades Estaca is located in O Barqueiro Harbor(Porto O Barqueiro). Please call in advance to make a reservation:

Tel: 647 536 305